Making You 

Brighter, Better and Bigger

Church On The Hill aims on preaching and teaching the word of God to all human beings, through the conviction of God's Word they become Bible-believing Christians that embrace traditional Christian Theology.

At COTH we aim on brightening the lives of all people, spirit, soul and body with the message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in our communities, nations and the world.





Our Values

People Centeredness | Innovation 

Integrity | Excellence


Our values influence our culture and lifestyle as members and leaders of Church on the Hill. All the people who regard themselves as part of COTH must espouse these values. These values must be taught to the children of Church on the Hill from the time they are born because they influence how they live and relate with others.


Leaders and members of the church must not only practice these values on our church premises but everywhere they live as through ambassadors of the church. These values must be part of their DNA and permeate their system. In the family, at work and in business they must be anchored by these COTH values.


Founding Leaders


MVG Lephoko


Mother O Lephoko

Apostle MVG Lephoko pioneers the vision of Church On The Hill. He is a visionary, articulate, humble and respectable leader in South Africa and abroad. Apostle MVG Lephoko is married to Apostle Mother O Lephoko, who is the CO-Founder of Church On The Hill.

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