Church on the Hill Ministries

The words Honor, Integrity, Beauty, Vision and Destiny communicate clearly, the person we aim to develop in each of our members, young and old, man and woman regardless of their past and limitations. We believe in you and our ministries are designed to encourage, motivate and equip you to reach your God given destiny and live the life that God purposed for all His children to live. Our holistic approach requires that we minister to the spiritual, social and financial needs of our members and thus our programmes are underpinned by the 7 COTH developmental areas

Men of honour & Integrity

Our men are taught to be honourable and also to uphold the value of integrity. Their actions, principles, as well as their values must be guided and influenced by the word of God.

Women of honour & Beauty

The Woman of Honour and Beauty Ministry focuses on woman both single and married. This ministry seeks to empower women spiritually, educationally and socially through solid biblical teachings.

Youth of honour & Vision

Church on the Hill Youth of Honor and Vision Ministry is focused on empowering our youth, spiritually, educationally and socially through solid biblical teachings.

Children of honour & Destiny

Children are precious in the sight of God, as a church we endeavor to partner with parents to ensure that their kids are raised on biblical foundations, that they come to the knowledge of Christ and live the life God pre-destined them to live.


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