About Church On The Hill

The footprint of Church On The Hill has since increased and has seen the growth of the church resulting in a bigger spread of the Gospel, Growing to be a Global Church of influence.

1 Vision
5 Values
14 Branches
31 Years of ministry

Our Apostles

Church On The Hill is under the spiritual leadership of Apostles MVG and Mother O Lephoko, who founded the church in the year 1986 and have to date established 16 branches across SA, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

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An outstanding minister of the gospel, an Evangelist, Motivational speaker of note, a remarkable song writer and music producer, businessman, Apostle MVG Lephoko is a force to be reckoned with.

Born in Ermelo in the Mpumalanga province, Apostle MVG Lephoko has walked with God for 3 decades. His teachings and counsel in the ministry, has seen him grow and impacting the lives of multitudes in the province, the nation, continent and worldwide.

His unique style of preaching through his calling as an Evangelist, has surely set him apart from the rest. His work over the years is translated and seen through the spiritual sons he has birthed throughout the years. Apostle MVG Lephoko founded Church on the Hill in 1986 in the KaNyamazane township as a young, passionate graduate from Turfloop, now University of Limpopo. He has since not looked back and has established 17 branches under Church on the Hill countrywide and across the borders in the SADC region including Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mozambique.

His programme on 1Gospel has drawn fans from all over the continent, who sit and marvel at his astounding and influential teachings of the word of God.

Apostle MVG Lephoko is the founder of MVG Lephoko Ministries, a platform he utilizes to further impact the lives of people even outside the church boundaries. He is also the Executive Director of Phondongozi Productions, a music recording company. He has written several books, including the much sought after “You Too Can Be A Celebrity”, which is a motivational book.

Apostle MVG Lephoko holds a BSc (Edu) degree from the University of Limpopo and a Diploma in Business Management from Damelin College. He was a Lecturer at Mgwenya College of Education before he went into full time ministry in 1996.
Vibrant, creative, caring and a selfless woman of God, Pastor O, as she is affectionately known, is a true gem in the ministry.

She accepted Christ during her early teenage years, and her walk with God has been a fulfilling journey of more than 30 years. Among the spiritual gifts that God has blessed her with, Pastor O is a prophetic intercessor. Her calling as an evangelist has seen her being used by God through her spiritual gift in mobilizing masses for the growth of the church.

Her charismatic and vibrant personally has made it possible and easier for people to relate with her, enabling her to uplift and nurture individual talent. Pastor O, has been blessed with the eye to identify talent, groom and nurture it until a person reaches their full potential.

She is a savvy businesswoman, who is passionate about women empowerment inside and outside of the ministry.

She is the Founder of the Women of Honour And Beauty Ministry in Church on the Hill, a ministry that has already positively impacted the lives of many women throughout the nation.

Her focus on women empowerment has seen many lives transform through her teachings of spiritual balance, education, image and grooming.

Pastor O, holds a Masters in Business Administration, B Admin majoring in Economics, and several other certificates.

Church on the hill Values


We are in continuous pursuit of presenting the gospel with excellence and as such it is our aim to set and maintain a standard of excellence across all our ministries, activities and services. 


We manage our business honestly and directly, accept responsibility for our actions, and follow through on commitments and promises acknowledging that how we conduct as a church is as important as what we accomplish.


Our people are our most important asset and therefore our most important responsibility. We strive to ensure that our services are geared towards meeting the needs of our members and ultimately making them feel a part of the Purple family. 


We strongly believe that what sets us apart as a church is the pace in which we act on opportunity to service our visitors and members effectively and efficiently. Our response time ensures church growth and member satisfaction.


As a church we endeavour to give our visitors and members the ultimate experience with God through innovative, relevant and dynamic services from our music ministry to our teachings. We embrace and instill the culture of innovation in all our ministries and in all people that come into contact with us. .

COTH Developmental Areas

  • Relationship with God

    This is the focal point of all our ministries as a church. We come from God, created by Him for His pleasure. He is our source, our beginning our end. Our survival and success depends on Him. God desires for all of creation to worship Him. He needs partnership with us through His Holy Spirit in order to guide and strengthen us throughout our life journey. It is therefore important for all people to work towards maintaining a strong relationship with God through prayer, reading the word, fellowship with believers as well as participating in the local church.

  • Family relations

    We can choose almost everything except the families we are born into, this is God's sole decision. God gives us our families and it is not a mistake that we were born in them. We are placed in our families to influence and add value to them as part of our God given purpose. Cultivate and prioritize your relationship with your family, this is the will of God for you.

  • Local church commitment

    Church is a family that is made up of a body of believers who are commissioned to take care of one another and to affect the world. Every person within should have a sense of belonging and responsibility. For this purpose, we encourage God's people to be committed to the local Church. We also believe that every person has a ministry and through participation and training in the church ministries, they can be developed. This requires one to show full commitment to the church and the programmes of the church.

  • Wealth creation and accumulation

    Our mission as a church is to assist in the effort to eradicate poverty in our society. Jesus died so that we may live life in abundance and poverty has no part in abundance. As a church we encourage all people to go into the market place and accumulate wealth. This will enable them to leave behind an inheritance for their children. The Bible says “A good man lives an inheritance for his children’s children.”

  • Education and continuous development

    As a church we advocate for continuous learning and development. In a fast pace society, we need to be relevant. Our people also have to be active participants in industry and in the economy of our country. It is therefore vital that they equip themselves for the field industries and markets, through continuous education and self-development.

  • Moral values

    Our conduct as a Man, Woman and Youth in the church is very important. As children of God we ought to live according to the precepts and principles of the Lord. We have to represent God in our speech, attitude and in behaviour. The world must see the light of God's glory through us. It is therefore crucial to be taught how to live according to God's precepts.

  • Image and personal grooming

    Through these ministries we teach people also to take care of themselves and not to neglect personal hygiene and grooming. Remember, we represent the kingdom of God. Let us all go out and work, the harvest is ready.